Facility Inspection Management

FIM is a simple and cost effective Mobile based solution for Facility Management staff to report the status of routine (daily or as periodic as desired per day) inspection checks at the facility such as air-conditioning units, fire equipment, rest rooms, halls, elevators, escalators, lighting, ATMs, etc.

FIM Mobile App presents a simple user interface for Facility Inspection staff to enter details at any check point and submit.

The checklist data submitted may be monitored in real-time by the supervisory staff using the Web app component

The Facility Inspection staff will authenticate by entering the User ID and password on a Mobile which is pre-authorized with app installed

After successful authentication the Facility Inspection staff can view the inspection schedules assigned to them by the FIM administrator and can start an inspection round by clicking a schedule

The App will direct the Inspector to various checkpoints in the route and present the check items pertaining to each check point on which observations (ex. Lights not functioning, rest room not clean, motor noise, etc.) can be made


Customize each inspection based on your needs and criteria


Scheduling: Inspections can be assigned and scheduled for a certain day and time


Track, report, and repair all physical deficiencies before they arise


Streamlined communication and instant notifications between teams


Each inspection question linked to multiple media items to prove the status of the inspection item

cloud-computing (1)

Everything is stored in the cloud and accessible from mobile device app

1 (2)

Large commercial office buildings

1 (6)

Shopping Malls

1 (9)

Defense establishments

1 (5)

Transport Industry

1 (8)


1 (4)

Educational institutions

1 (7)

Large Apartment complexes

1 (3)


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