Lifeline is an app which helps an individual or medical organization donate or request for blood.

Lifeline helps you donate blood using the Donate option which detects the location of the user  and notifies the near by blood bank /Event- Blood Donation Camp and individual requests  where he can choose to donate.

One can request for blood by providing the details about the blood group required, the date and time when it is required, location of the blood bank or hospital and details of the patient who requires blood. With this App you can post request on social media to get immediate help.

‘My Request’ option in the app will keep track of the requests that have been made from your profile. It will also have the details of the donors who accepted your request.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Reach out to user for Blood Donation with out any delay

Track the requests raised and get the Donator details

Each inspection question linked to multiple media items to prove the status of the inspection item

Scheduling: Donor requests the notifications before 1 hour

Streamlined communication and instant notifications between Users

Everything is stored in the cloud and accessible from mobile device app