Web Engineering

Web Engineering

We are specialized in building result driven, scalable and secure web applications for major enterprise/product companies. We strive towards engineering the applications with stability, performance, and long-term adaptability.
Focused solution capabilities on:

  • Next-generation architecture to facilitate multi-channel support
  • Responsive layouts and cross browser handling for all major browsers and mobile/tablet devices
  • Accessibility compliance support and compatible with screen readers like NVDA
  • Multi language support and localization support including Right-to-Left (RTL) for Hebrew language
  • Implementation of security and data protection at client side fields and at API level
  • IOT: Triangulation based tracking of an RFiD in a location using RFID, Arduino mesh and creating a heatmap of the motion
  • IOT: Real time view of 360 degrees in the home through React JS based web app and integrating with the camera devices
  • Embedding Spotfire Web player in the .NET based web app using JavaScript Mashup approach and Single Sign-on
  • Identity Management: Assessment of right platform and hosting Identity Management applications in the cloud
  • Continuous Integration using Selenium, Jira, Jenkins; Build & Deployment automation


High Performance and High availability

Faster time-to-market

Content engagement and personalization

Assistive support, Multilingual


Integrated best-of-breed third-party search

Web and user analytics applications

We specialize in building result driven, scalable and secure applications for major enterprise/product companies. We’ve built excellence around Java, Microsoft, UI stacks like Angular JS.


Identifying the suitable technology for your needs


Customizing the open source tools


Integrating products on top of any suitable tools

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