Many of us are spending a lot more time working from home right now. When our usual days involve checking in to our desks, we’re finding ourselves on our couches or at our kitchen tables, trying to achieve the same and work discipline of the office. The workload expectation is the same, but the environment is completely different.

There are a few key elements when you’re working from home, that can help you maintain the same productivity. Whether you are working from home for the first time or you’ve done it many times, below are some things you can do to maintain the same rhythm:


Select the right work spot

Your office has an ideal place for you to work, your desk. But your home might not offer the same luxury.Find the right spot according to the work that you are performing. If it Is an intensive task, find someplace where you can focus. If it’s a task that does not need analytical thinking you can work in your living room. Whatever spot you choose, analyze it for five minutes whether the space works for you. If not, add or remove something to make it more suitable, or find a better spot.


Declutter Your Surroundings

When you work from the office, you have a professional environment that pushes you to think only about work. Still, at home when you see chores, toys, tv, and many other “homely” things might distract you from the task in hand, so before you start working, declutter your surroundings so your full focus can be on your work.


Get Ready for the Day

Some people might be confused about having the right mindset to work from home. Working from home doesn’t mean you can work while doing your chores or watching TV. When you wake up, be ready as though you are going to the office, be prepared with your laptop, notepad, coffee or whatever you need to get the work done. Always, make a to-do list that can keep you track of your progress.


Mind your Posture

Find a proper posture to work in. Sometimes it might seem comfortable to curl on your sofa and work. But, as tempting as it is after a while, it may start to hurt your back and cause muscle pain. Try to find a comfortable spot where your posture is taken care of. You may get a table and chair arrangement where the laptop height is on the level of your eyes so that your neck doesn’t get strained.


Keep the lights on

It is a good thing to have natural sunlight from the windows, but sometimes that is not enough. Generally, when you stare at your laptop screen with no light for a long time, it will cause your eyes to strain more than usual and can cause eye discomfort. When you keep the lights on, the brightness of the laptop screen doesn’t dominate, and it is more comfortable on the eyes.


Create a workable ambiance

There might be some restrictions on how your workspace should be in the office due to uniformity. But at home you can have a workspace the way you want, so make the best of this opportunity and add things such as flowers, posters, candles, etc. this can boost your productivity and makes you feel comfortable, thereby increasing your productivity.


Set your schedule

The most essential step is to have a schedule. Know when you start your work, when you will be taking the breaks, and when you report to your manager. It makes sure that you are clear with the tasks and make it easier to complete the daily tasks. It will also make it easier for your team, that you are as professional when you are working from home, as you are when working from the office.


If followed properly, these steps can help you greatly improve your work from home experience, and make work from home as productive as working from the office.