API Management & Integration

iSteer’s API-led solutions on micro services, serverless functional and other integration flows offer connected experience for businesses accelerating towards digital journey. We have integrated cloud, on-premise and IoT edge applications with “deploy anywhere” approach, bringing in modern development practices.

Our Services

  • API Discovery (Catalog, Search and Provisioning)
  • API Orchestration with adaptation of multiple services, workflow operations, branching policies, etc.
  • API Lifecycle governance (Versioning)
  • API Security (SSL, PKI, threat protection, schema validation, encryption, signatures, etc.)
  • Deployment Flexibility (on-premise, cloud, managed service, SaaS, hybrid)
  • Quickly and securely enable APIs for mobile development and for internal and external use
  • Operational Integration (System Monitoring, Clustering, Scalability, Migration)
  • Mobile Integration (support for push notifications, geolocation, streaming protocols)
  • Cloud Integration (SSO to SaaS providers, IaaS integration, SaaS data connectors, hybrid cloud support)
  • API Analytics
  • Full API Lifecycle Management

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