Complex Event and Message Processing

Complex event and message processing identifies and analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among various events in real-time, allowing personnel to proactively take effective actions in response to specific scenarios. iSteer’s solutions on the complex event and message processing will enable our customers with real-time intelligence for critical faster decision making.

By building CEP into a company’s processes, we can begin to gather observations about what your organization does every day. This means identification of strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between—ultimately leading to better processes, better direction, and faster growth.

Our Services

  • Enterprise Event and Message Processing Strategy
  • Collaborate and Create multiple rule authoring environments
  • Implement unique event processing platform  – Minimize decision latency and increase faster response time
  • Implement real-time intelligence for detecting and responding to real time events
  • Deliver 100% guaranteed message delivery platform
  • High Performance Messaging – Deliver messaging platform that with faster and reliable delivery of messages with sophisticated fault tolerance and load balancing
  • Implement secure messaging environment

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