Your data and we are at work

Whether you are launching big data initiative, thinking about real time data analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence or refining your enterprise data strategy, iSteer can help your organization go from data to insights and play crucial role in creating value propositions be it developing new products, extending your services, creating enhanced customer experience or deriving more value from your organizational assets.

Our Data Engineering Process

How can we help?

We will work to understand your unique business requirements and capabilities, starting from there, we present enterprise data strategy and architecture that is tailored to your organizational needs and is reasonable within defined constraints. In other ways we’ll work to be part of your enterprise information management strategy and guide you to the best open source or commercial products for your purposes. We deliver solutions in response to business needs from data pipelines to optimizing storage and data retrieval.

Few ways of improving your enterprise data architecture are

  • Create efficient data retrieval strategy across your IT-OT systems
  • Apply structured data enrichment and business rules to your organizational data
  • Implement, support data warehouses and data lakes
  • Suggest monetizing data services
  • Build reports and visualizations for actionable insights