Digital business changes business models and creates new revenue opportunities. It requires the ability to connect all systems and data sources and make them available in a single, seamless, trusted view for actionable insights, decisions, and business processes. More companies across industries are building capabilities to share data/content in a loosely coupled manner among internal systems, customers, partners, and third-party developers.

At iSteer, we believe in “Connected Experiences” and have been delivering solutions that connect Data and Systems, APIs, ESBs, legacy systems, modern applications, IoT devices and Blockchain with Enterprise Analytics tightly integrated. Our cutting-edge solution offerings on API Life Cycle Management, Integration, Analytics and IOT devices along with our next generation product offerings are accelerating pace of digital business for our customers.

How we do it?

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, hybrid teams and our strong global delivery platform.

Orchestrate Your Engagement

We orchestrate each engagement 

to help you scale your business

solutions to meet the growing

demands of your customers

and to reach across geographies,

time zones and functions.

Hybrid Teams

Developing a digital experience or

product from end to end requires

input and expertise from a variety of

roles. Our multidisciplinary teams

unite to deliver well-rounded

technology solutions that move your

business goals forward.

Engineering Speed and Quality

Through our global Engineering

Excellence programs, we train our

engineers at all levels on the newest

technologies and implementation

frameworks. With our Global Delivery

platform, we deploy the best teams for

your business from anywhere

in the world and deliver speed and

quality at scale.

Solutions Not Just Services

We are focused on designing,

architecting and delivering solutions

rather than just services. This means

that you can expect outcomes and

business results from our partnership

that redefine the traditional

notion of partnership.

API Management & Integration

iSteer’s API-led solutions on micro services, serverless functional and other integration flows offer a connected experience for businesses accelerating towards the digital journey. We have integrated cloud,on-premise and IoT edge applications with “deploy anywhere” approach, bringing in modern development practices.

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Complex Event and Message Processing

Complex event and message processing identifies and analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among various events in real time, allowing personnel to proactively take effective actions in response to specific scenarios. iSteer’s solutions on complex event and message processing will enable our customers with real-time intelligence for critical faster decision making.

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Business Process Management

A key enabler for digital transformation, iSteer’s BPM solutions are aligned towards enabling organizations with better decisions and faster, smarter actions. Our solutions truly transform your business. We have modeled workflows for our customers with seamless
flow of data and information from anywhere to anywhere.

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Microservices Architecture

iSteer’s microservices solutions are focused on bringing modern  architecture patterns in place. We have deployed solutions, sunsetting monolithic applications over an ESB to connecting applications via. APIs microservices, functions and event-driven patterns.

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Cloud Integration

iSteer delivers proven solutions for integrating modern Cloud-based platforms and legacy on-premise systems. Our integration solutions make it easier to connect applications from cloud to on-premises. We have successfully delivered secure, cost-effective and highly-available services for integrating diverse portfolio of applications with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

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Managed File Transfer

iSteer’s MFT solutions offer the fastest, secured and most economical way of electronic delivery. Our solutions on MFT enable organizations connect people, processes and information, there by promoting and strengthening the value chain among partners, customers and employees.

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