React Faster to the Changing Market Conditions as it is No Longer Business as Usual


Major challenges in food and beverage supply chains include engaging with suppliers upstream, reacting immediately to a consumer product recall, dealing with dynamic household changes and reducing food wastage in supply chain.

Farming Output

With global farming challenges, F&B companies are increasingly prone to anxiety about varying farming outputs, impacting timely delivery of products to retailers/consumers and maintaining quality

Recall Management

Lack of effective produce traceability in supply chain is impacting profitability and effective recall management

Demographic Buying Patterns

With ever changing buying patterns of customers, F&B companies are struggling with technology solutions that bring in unified customer experience and optimize sales/marketing strategies

Competitor Analytics

Lack of effective regional competitor analytics is a big roadblock towards implementing four “P”s– Product, Price, Place and Promotion

iSteer’s Farm to Fork Solutions

Our “Farm to Fork” solutions enable your organization gain control of applications and data across the value chain to maximize business impact, define current and future supply chain strategies and minimize risk.

Major Customers

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