FRONTMAN is an AI-enabled and data collection app building platform. Customers can build intelligent apps to collect instantaneous data like eKYC (Bio-metric), Surveys, Feedback, Attendance(Bio-metric) and other Sales related information from the field in minutes.



Mobile App

Mobile based data collection

Offline Mode

Capture data when no network is
available and upload data when feasible or through a
background service

Geo Enabled

Geo location enablement and
stats on map

Dynamic Pull Code

Integration & Data retrieval on the fly for individual agents

Flexible Forms

Dynamic surveys & campaign form creation using a powerful rich Web UI

Schedule Your Survey

Routine activity or Ad-Hoc data collection? Schedule whichever way you need by using the
scheduling feature

Multi Language Support

Support for multiple languages on Web and Mobile UI / Translation service using google translate for forms

Type of Fields

Out of box basic data collection elements such as text, radio and checkboxes and extended types to capture Voice, Video, Barcode etc.

Specialized Field

Customize to integrate and capture biometric data using specialized devices

Powerful Reporting

Stats for administration & back office users Geo features / view stats on map custom report based on requirement



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