The rapid rise of SaaS product adoption by enterprises  over the past two decades has created a gap in the ecosystem that needs to be filled. This  gap has generated a need for more integrated systems. This gap can be  categorised into 2 major business problems. Technology Gap which are technical capabilities for modern integrations and Social Gap which is mostly the divide in terms of business and IT users.


Enterprise iPaaS platform – Workato has arisen  out of a need for creating an organized and intelligent automation platform for quick deployment and seamless cloud-based Integration solutions  that can be used by both IT and Business Users.


Workato’s low-code/no-code platform enables both business and IT teams to build integrations at 5 times the speed of typical integration platforms. Workato offers  pre-built connectors for 1000+ SaaS, on-prem databases, ERP and more than 500,000+ ready-to-use recipes for common business processes


To address the Technology Gap, Workato provides intelligent process automation, intelligent Bots to enable conversational interface to your business data and business processes, Customer 360° view to get customer information as and when needed , Workflow-as-a-Service for smarter, simpler B2B and BPO workflows  and API Gateway & Services for reuse of workflows.


iSteer has been recognised as one of the most  preferred implementation  partners of Workato  since 2017 and has successfully driven complex integration and automation initiatives  for leading enterprises globally. iSteer, with 30+ Workato certified product specialists, is fully equipped with technical capabilities around  custom solutions development in integration, designing process automation architecture, Bots design, mobile based monitoring apps and E2E platform implementations (on-prem, cloud and hybrid models). iSteer has successfully completed over 20+ implementations with the help of Workato platform for various global majors.


One such success story is that of a leading maritime and logistics company in Southeast Asia. iSteer has helped the customer to move from Biztalk to Workato platform thereby migrating their cloud and on-prem application to new Workato platform,enabling Workbot functionality across various silos in the organisation. The  various applications for payroll management, fleet management and other logistic and supply chain management are now integrated under one single platform thereby increasing the business process efficiency by 150% .



The Workato and iSteer partnership has helped many leading Enterprises in their Digital initiatives, thereby building trust and long term relationships with their customers .


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