Microservices Architecture

iSteer’s microservices solutions are focused on bringing modern architecture patterns in place. We have deployed solutions, sunsetting monolithic applications over an ESB to connecting applications via. APIs microservices, functions and event-driven patterns.

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Microservices Based Architectures

Micro-service architecture is a SOA approach to develop an application as a suite of small, independent, functional services; each running in its own process and communicating via lightweight mechanisms. Each of these services will be built around a well-defined and well-encapsulated business capability that service is uniquely responsible for, and all such services are deployable independent of one another.

Docker/Containerized Based Architectures

Containerized server architectures use traditional always-on servers, the application is wholly contained in its own O/S level, lightweight virtual environment; complete with required dependencies.

Stack-Free and Server-Less Architectures

These refer to applications that are built on services known as Backend-as-a-service; or on the custom code that runs in transient Function-as-a-Service containers. The best-known vendor for this implementation is AWS’ Lambda service. Using these ideas, application behavior is shifted to the front-end, resulting in architectures that remove the need for traditional always-on server systems.

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