In the unfortunate event of a recall, an organization must react immediately by following the best practices of recall management; it must have an established plan so that there is no question about the course of action and who must be involved in each step


During a product recall, F&B companies must notify all affected parties throughout the supply chain. This could be their direct ship to list of distributors and retailers or consumers that purchased product online or are in the warranty database. To keep affected products out of the marketplace, give consignees actionable notifications, including what product is affected, the remedy and how they should respond, is the biggest challenge

Variables that exhibit strong relationship towards recall include


  • Product Sale Price
  • Average Useful Life of the Product
  • Number of Affected Units
  • Time in Distribution
  • Percentage of Units in Consumer Hands
  • Type of Recall Action
  • Level of Direct Consumer Notification

Our Offerings

iSteer’s end to end recall management platform enables organizations react immediately by following the best practices of recall management. Our offerings enable process automation using integrated technology solutions and help mitigate recall risk by drastically decreasing the chance of human error and providing visibility and traceability down the food chain.

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