iSteer SmartFlo


SmartFlo is an integrated intelligent asset maintenance platform by bringing in IoT, Blockchain, Messaging and Analytics together in powering your establishment with enhancing guest experience and optimizing worker safety.

Connect your assets through a central EDGE device

SmartFlo platform integrates all assets in an establishment using a central edge device and providing Inter-connected process flow. Connect your assets thru a central EDGE device.

Intelligent maintenance

 Suggests proactive inspections, maintenance plans that enable you to timely and accurately plan the inspection decision with connected and streaming data environment which is live and secure.

Predictive monitoring of assets with greater risk

Identifies assets which pose the greatest risk to your business, so you know where to focus on the asset reliability, improvement efforts for effective asset usage and guest experience.

Asset maintenance scheduling

Plans and schedules (Automatic and Manual) the inspection and maintenance by criticality, Reduces the risk of asset failure with risk-based assessment for new and existing assets or facility systems.

Smart asset data capture

Enables field workers to capture inspection information, images of assets and enable them to upload using handheld device such as smartphone, palm tab.

Maintain asset maintenance history

Contributes to operational, maintenance, inspection, IOT real-time data and inspection histories towards rich information on the health of assets/facility system.

Where can it be deployed

The answer is simple – Everywhere where assets are managing key operations of a building or an establishment.

Key Benefits 

Intelligent asset failure tracking and notification, reducing manual communications and coordination in case of an asset failure

40% reduction in cost saving on maintenance of assets

30% improved operational efficiency of staff with asset integration and streamlined maintenance

Analytics on asset failure trends assisting in procurement decision making and savings costs

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