BW Migration

Product Feature Comparison
BW migration products feature comparison
Should you migrate from BW5.X?

You have heard about the new features and may be contemplating whether you should upgrade or not. However, there might be some factors that may be holding you back. Here are few factors we have put together, which as a customer, you should be considering.

Data migration

Migrating all interfaces would be a bigger risk



Identify interfaces that are no longer required


Identify interfaces that are candidates for on-premise and cloud


Integration and data retrieval on the fly for individual agents


Identify interfaces that are running from long time without much documentation


How much effort is required to migrate and how much would it cost?


Why should I migrate?

TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.X has been a workhorse for the last couple of years. It allows you to quickly connect applications providing reliability and scalability, which many TIBCO BW 5.X customers would vouch for. However, the newer versions of BusinessWorks come with their own benefits. Features include:

  • A platform that supports a complete development lifecycle using native Eclipse features, development, debugging, testing and deployment and on one single environment
  • An easy and sophisticated model for compensation handlers that enable catch blocks in the form of scope with activities and exception handlers
  • Cloud native (BWCE and TCI/BW)
  • Better integration with new DevOps tools

How iSteer’s solution can help you?

  • Automated tools to analyze BW5.X projects
  • Provide a clear compatibility summary of code migration to BWCE or TCI or BW6.X design
  • Prebuilt templates for migrating from Current repo to GIT repo with CICD pipelines
  • Well defined processes and guidelines
  • Daily stand-ups and weekly status updates to track progress
  • On-shore & off-shore model to reduce cost
  • 11+ years of experience in the integration domain

iSteer has been helping Customers by turning their ideas into implementation, for more than 11 years, and we understand our Customers and their needs well. We know that you may have many other questions where you want some expert advice. We can help answer your questions and provide recommendations. This is how we propose to work with you.

iSteer migration

Migration Approach




Thanks for your interest in iSteer. Let us know how we can help you

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