Data- The Fuel That Accelerates Time to Market


Data is a vital source for business transformation. The wealth of data ranging from the inception of an idea to the final stages of bringing a product or service to market is an invaluable resource. The question is, how do we see that value?

iSteer’s value-based solutions provide a comprehensive view & control over data at every stage, allowing actionable insights and data-driven decision-making.

The iSteer Approach

Data-Driven Decisions

Collaborative Governance

Insightful Analytics

Data-Driven Decisions

Decision makers today are witnessing a massive data explosion in every aspect of the organization. Dealing with enormous volumes of data and gaining actionable insights to sustain and grow competitive advantages is the need of the hour for every business.

Our Approach

At iSteer, our goal is to comprehend a customer’s specific business needs and objectives. Based on that understanding, we offer customized enterprise data strategies and architectures, utilizing modern approaches such as data mesh, data fabric, or data grid. Our aim is to integrate data with your enterprise information management strategy and assist you in selecting the most suitable open-source or commercial products for your business requirements. We provide solutions that align with your business needs, ranging from data pipelines to optimizing storage and data retrieval.

Data architectural offerings that aid data-driven decisions

  • Creating an efficient data retrieval strategy across your IT-OT systems
  • Suggesting efficient data storage & archival strategies
  • Encompassing data quality & data governance framework
  • Apply the correct data architectural components

Key Data Service Offerings

  • Building, Implementing, and supporting data architectural components
  • Data Integration of inbound/outbound pipelines & orchestration services by leveraging the commercial or open-source data integration tools & technologies across cloud and on-prem
  • Traditional ETL & ELT services
  • Data Quality & Data Standardization
  • Data Engineering services

Business Benefits of iSteer’s Data Offerings

  • Organizations get the most detailed operational visibility to track and manage important metrics
  • Businesses are able to address the performance gaps with “single version of truth”
  • Control over the data at every stage of the data life cycle

Collaborative Governance

It can be difficult for data analysts to extract meaningful insights from large and diverse datasets from various sources, identify lineage, and ensure data accuracy and integrity. This difficulty may be caused by a lack of good frameworks, a single source of unified data, and appropriate governance policies.

Our Approach

Our solution offers customers the ability to access a wide range of data from their business, operational, and field systems. With this capability, our customers can not only visualize this data but also perform contextual analysis in a meaningful way. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution that gathers and consolidates key information, including master data, metadata, data quality, data lineage, and rule management from disparate sources. This information is then displayed in a timely and user-friendly manner to both business and technical users. The goal is to support digital transformation initiatives and enable our customers to make data-driven decisions that will drive their business forward.

Our key offerings in achieving excellence in Data Governance include

  • Suggesting structure & roles in setting up data governance spanning people, process, and data sources
  • Identifying the needs and mapping the master data requirements
  • Setting up Meta Data repository
  • Designing and implementing the solutions across Master Data, Meta Data, Data Quality in widely known industry products
  • Building Data quality frameworks in association with the data governance team
  • Building complete lineage from data origination, curated data assets to data reports/analytics path

Business Benefits of iSteer’s Collaborative Governance Offerings

  • Centralized Master Data & Meta Data repository
  • Single source of truth for metadata and master data allowing users to leverage data for discovery, analysis, and lineage
  • Quick turnaround in churning reports
  • Bringing in operational excellence
  • Improved customer experience

Insightful Analytics

Organizations face a number of challenges when it comes to implementing an effective analytics solution beyond simply providing BI tools. There are five key factors that directly affect enterprise information standards and ensure proper use of information: determining information needs, gathering the appropriate data, transforming it into information, sharing and communicating it, and using it to make better decision-making and action.

Our Approach

We continue on our journey from data-driven decisions, master and metadata management, and data governance to providing the Insightful analytics that organizations need. We believe that proper data acquisition and data integration will result in the perfect business intelligence framework. Having the right framework in place goes beyond just having the right BI/analytical tools.

Business advantages

  • Mapping the entire information landscape; identifying details of data emanating from business operations across value chains and ecosystems
  • Self-service analytics and collaborative intelligence
  • Complete visibility into enterprise information and data assets

Why iSteer?

iSteer: Your Trusted Global Technology Services Partner
iSteer is a renowned IT services and digital transformation solutions company with delivery centers across North America and Asia. Our team includes seasoned product engineers, architects, and designers who collaborate to provide specialized services, including product development, data management, application maintenance and management, integration, and automation. We prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences and significant business impact through our approach.

Expertise in Digital Transformation

iSteer’s technology team has extensive expertise in defining, building, and delivering data-driven, digitally-enabled solutions that drive transformative human interactions, ensuring adherence to quality, budget, and schedule. We are committed to delivering best-of-the-breed digital transformation solutions that empower our customers to transform their businesses and better serve their customers.

Unmatched Subject Matter Expertise and Scale

iSteer brings unparalleled subject matter expertise, scale, and efficiencies that increase speed to market. Our shared culture and pedigree of delivering demonstrable change enable connected digital enterprises, and we pride ourselves on providing customized digital transformation solutions for each client's unique business needs.
Choose iSteer as your trusted global technology services partner for transforming your business. Our experienced team, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach helps you unleash your full potential, meet your business goals, and achieve success.