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Transforming Your Enterprise Data Assets Through Crowdsourcing

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Transforming Your Enterprise Data Assets Through Crowdsourcing

iSteer’s Crowd Sourcing Data Governance solution leveraging the TIBCO Unified Intelligence Platform offers deeper, sharper & faster insights into your customers, operations, macro-economic environment, and future needs. Thus, providing the stewardship of its meta data to meet and exceed the enterprise business challenges

Our solution addresses the key features of accessing heterogeneous data across the business, operational & field systems, and visualization against a backdrop of spatial frameworks and provide meaningful contextual analysis. Yet this huge data is often trapped in individual department silos throughout the enterprise. With numerous disparate information technology (IT) as well as operational technology (OT) software systems, changes to one system are often not adequately reflected in the others. It becomes very crucial to define the critical data assets in an enterprise in this disparate environment to be able to derive meaningful business information from the data. The goal of the comprehensive solution is to gather and consolidate metadata & data from a variety of sources and displays it in a timely and meaningful way to the business & technical users for driving your data management initiatives.

Do you have these challenges?

Disparate Data Sources

Diffcult for business to consume the data for insights, reporting and cross functional analytics

Data Warehouse Integration

No ETL framework or interfaces constructed for seamless data ingestion. No audit, balance and control framework in ETL for data traceability and reconciliation

Absence of UDM

Data from key data sources is not available in EDW. Data Warehouse data model/s schema is not laid out correctly and relationships do not exist.EDW data retention and archive mechanism does not exist

Audit Logging & Lineage

Meta data lineage does not exist, resulting in data silos. No comprehensive audit logging and lineage framework Dicult for both IT and business to keep track of data changes across multiple sources

Data Assets

The data dictionary and business glossary for various data elements that are consumed for reporting are not up to date and are not available for majority of source systems

Modern Collaboration and Crowdsourcing with Data Catalogue and Data Governance

Our solution provides a clean separation of data discovery, data lineage, integration, data quality, and data governance tiers. It features a pluggable framework to allow required integrations, functionalities, and features to expand over time.

Our crowd sourcing solution enables almost everybody in your organization with equal and full rights and is encouraged to participate freely. Everyone has self-service access to add key data elements, propose business metrics, flag a data type, request data sharing, and more. Powered by TIBCO’s Unified Intelligence platform that includes appropriate clean and control tools (e.g., workflow, commenting, suggestions, machine learning, etc.) you can grow a very collaborative community including norms that provide a very resilient barrier against total chaos.

Why iSteer?

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iSteer’s technology team has extensive expertise in defining, building, and delivering data-driven, digitally-enabled solutions that drive transformative human interactions, ensuring adherence to quality, budget, and schedule. We are committed to delivering best-of-the-breed digital transformation solutions that empower our customers to transform their businesses and better serve their customers.

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