Digital Thread in Manufacturing

Accelerating product development with a digital thread

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iSteer’s solution leveraging the TIBCO Connected Intelligence enables full product lifecycle traceability, allowing previously siloed teams across the enterprise to work concurrently with the latest product information. Our solution addresses the key feature of a single product hierarchy configured to meet the organization’s design, development, and commercial needs. Enables automated workflows to manage tasks and change requests throughout the entire product lifecycle and provides access to clean, rich, reliable, and trusted data to support product development processes. The goal of the comprehensive solution is to link digital assets to products via a built-in digital asset management capability to deliver rich content to product teams. And lay the foundation for next generation product development. Configuration and operating information can be shared backwards in the lifecycle to enable improved product designs, manufacturing processes, and quality tests

Do you Have These Challenges?

Fragmented Product Data

Organizations are struggling to consolidated fragmented product data from complex Part/BoM/Change Relationships to expanding footprint (Simulation, Mfg. Data)

Globalization and Localization of Products

Organizations are increasingly dealing with the complexity of information needed to understand product data, meeting to global and local needs

Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrating product data from mergers and acquisitions, into existing discrete systems, is a daunting task for the majority of the organizations

Evolving Business Needs

For many companies, going from an initial product idea to market introduction remains a long process, involving constant change and multiple teams

Adopting 360° to PLM Discipline

By having a consolidated view of product data through an integrated MDM platform, organizations can begin to use trusted insights from the product data to make business decisions that improve product quality, customer experience and sales.

iSteer digital thread solution enables full product lifecycle traceability, allowing previously siloed teams across the enterprise to work concurrently with the latest product information.

Why iSteer?

iSteer: Your Trusted Global Technology Services Partner
iSteer is a renowned IT services and digital transformation solutions company with delivery centers across North America and Asia. Our team includes seasoned product engineers, architects, and designers who collaborate to provide specialized services, including product development, data management, application maintenance and management, integration, and automation. We prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences and significant business impact through our approach.

Expertise in Digital Transformation

iSteer’s technology team has extensive expertise in defining, building, and delivering data-driven, digitally-enabled solutions that drive transformative human interactions, ensuring adherence to quality, budget, and schedule. We are committed to delivering best-of-the-breed digital transformation solutions that empower our customers to transform their businesses and better serve their customers.

Unmatched Subject Matter Expertise and Scale

iSteer brings unparalleled subject matter expertise, scale, and efficiencies that increase speed to market. Our shared culture and pedigree of delivering demonstrable change enable connected digital enterprises, and we pride ourselves on providing customized digital transformation solutions for each client's unique business needs.
Choose iSteer as your trusted global technology services partner for transforming your business. Our experienced team, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach helps you unleash your full potential, meet your business goals, and achieve success.