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Synergizing Service Management and DevOps: A Successful ServiceNow-Azure DevOps Integration

Automation using the Workato platform

Problem Statement

The existing Incident Management System currently involves customers raising incidents inside the ServiceNow platform, where a support team initiates the triage process and investigates the incident. The subsequent manual process of assigning incidents to the Azure DevOps development team presents significant challenges, including time loss, manual entry, communication problems, and lack of accountability.


Using this integration, ServiceNow incidents are automatically created in Azure DevOps, allowing for streamlined incident management as well as a bidirectional flow of information. With this integration, information flows seamlessly between Azure DevOps and ServiceNow, enabling updates to be reflected on both platforms. Overall, the integration aims to streamline the process of managing ServiceNow tickets by automatically creating corresponding User Stories in Azure DevOps, enabling cross-functional collaboration between teams, and reducing manual data entry and errors.

Proposed Solution

1) Create an Incident in the ServiceNow (SNOW) portal and input all the mandatory fields required.

2)  In SNOW, the Workato recipe will have a trigger that keeps listening for New/Updated requests and triggers the recipe accordingly.

3) After the recipe is triggered, the required data is retrieved and a new ticket/User Story is created in AzureDevops.


Error Handling

Bi-Directional Sync Between the Two Systems

Training the User


Point-to-point integration between SNOW (ServiceNow) and AzDo (Azure DevOps) allows for seamless integration and reduces manual efforts for the support team. It ensures that data synchronization between the two systems is done automatically without any human intervention.

This results in improved data accuracy, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency for the support team.


In conclusion, point-to-point integration between SNOW and AzDo enhances collaboration and reduces the time and effort required for data synchronization, contributing to a more efficient and error-free integration between the two systems.

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